FIATA Air Cargo Certificate

The FIATA Presidency endorsed, in last meeting at the FIATA World Congress 2015, a project set forth by the Airfreight Institute and the FIATA Logistics Academy to commence a project which allows FIATA Validated Association Members to offer a FIATA Air Cargo Certificate for those students which complete the air cargo module of the program.

Before an Association Member can pursue this pilot project, they must submit a compliance statement stating they have an updated and active air cargo course which achieves qualifications in regards to the acceptance pursuant to the IATA applicable resolutions. The statement must also state the Association Member is aware that it is their responsibility to ascertain that students are appropriately qualified at the end of the course and the course is not delivered as a standalone course but as part of the full FIATA Diploma.

To apply for the FIATA Air Cargo Course Certificate, FIATA Association Member need to complete the form titled “Application form – FIATA Air Cargo Course”.

Since FLA has been mandated to manage the course, the Application Form will be submitted to Ms. Verena Schaer, FLA Manager at

The FLA Manager will review the form and verify its contents. If all is compliant the FIATA Secretariat will issue an invoice based on the number of certificates requested. Once the FIATA Secretariat has confirmed the invoice is paid, the FLA Manager will create and send the certificates in electronic format and email them to the head trainer appointed at the Association Member.